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2021 ASAP Global Alliance Summit-Leveraging Alliance Evaluations to Maximize Value & Minimize Risk

allianceboard's Louis Rinfret and Michael Roch presented a session on Leveraging Alliance Evaluations to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk at the 2021 ASAP Global Alliance Summit.

This article summarizes the key takeaways from their presentation.

Evaluations and analytics are the foundation of alliance management. There are 5 different types of evaluations you should consider:

  1. Screening evaluations for new partnering opportunities

  2. Periodic business reviews internally

  3. Regular alliance health checks with partners

  4. Ongoing performance monitoring

  5. Root-and-branch alliance reviews

An alliance's status is the same irrespective of how it is evaluated - yet different stakeholders require different types of information at different times. Louis and Michael explained the different information needs by senior management, leaders of alliance teams, governance committees and individual alliance managers to conduct effective evaluations of alliances, partners and the entire alliance ecosystem.

Everyone is looking for information accommodating their unique needs. All stakeholders are looking for similar strategic, operational and financial information - yet the details vary widely, depending on the internal and external audience and on where an alliance is in its life-cycle. For example, what is needed for ongoing performance monitoring by the management team is substantially different for an internal business review with a senior executive or a regular health check with a partner around contractually agreed parameters.

Perspectives, dimensions and levels of analysis. Louis' and Michael's presentation explained how alliance evaluations and their different stakeholder perspectives, dimensions of analytics and levels of analysis help maximize the value gained from an alliance and minimize the business, legal and people risks inherent in any alliance.

Digitization is key. Last, allianceboard explained how digitizing the day-to-day operation of an alliance ecosystem is the only sound way to conduct any type of alliance evaluation effectively and effectively.

Take the Next Step

Contact us today to receive a copy of Louis' and Michael's presentation or to speak with one of our senior alliance management experts about digitizing your alliance management.


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