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3 ways allianceboard’s new contract module supports effective alliance management

New this month is allianceboard´s contracts module: giving users a clear overview of all contracts and how they relate to specific partners, alliances, obligations, documents, and other critical alliance information.

Users will be familiar with the ability to manage alliance-related obligations easily within allianceboard. Our contracts module offers greater accessibility to all items relating to that contract along with advanced reporting and dashboarding.

The contracts module supports effective alliance management in at least 3 ways.

1. Work efficiently and save time

Keep all the data associated with a partner contract at your fingertips, in one central repository. We could all benefit sometimes from extra hours in the day. Digitized alliance management can do just that by automating recurring and ad-hoc tasks and the new contracts module further augments this ability by keeping up-to-date partner, alliance, and contract information available with one click for you or for any platform user who has permission to view, with advanced reporting, dashboarding functionality.

2. Never miss an obligation

You can view all your contracts and key obligations across all your alliances with the flexibility to drill down and manage your contracts as they relate to an individual partner, alliance, or initiative.

Milestones, actions, and deadlines are clearly linked even for complex, multi-partner, and multi-asset alliances. And you can now, at any time, review status and contingencies with your stakeholders, automate notifications and reporting to ensure everyone is in the loop.

allianceboard is a real-time platform so any amendments made to contract details update instantly. Depending on access levels, stakeholders can update data and self-serve insights on demand. With the right permissions, even partners can access allianceboard, reducing the reliance on alliance managers to be the sole caretakers for information, improving the accuracy of the data being held and creating an environment that empowers stakeholders to foster effective alliances.

3. Improve collaboration and relationships

Whether you’re preparing a steering committee meeting, following up with stakeholders on contractual obligations or responding to a C-Suite request, quick, centralized access to contract information and linked partners, alliances and action items is essential for alliance managers in maintaining and improving the management of key stakeholders. Alliance managers can offer detailed and precise insights with just a couple of clicks of their mouse, offering real value to the organization, their partners, and the C-Suite, while driving the achievement of business goals.

allianceboard continually develops and improves the platform based on user feedback, market demands and current industry trends. If there are improvements that you would like to see on allianceboard, contact your allianceboard account manager today or contact us here with your suggestions:

3 ways allianceboard's new contracts module supports effective alliance management
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