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allianceboard 2022 functionality review

We continually develop allianceboard’s intuitive alliance management platform with market leading features. User needs and suggestions are at the core of these developments.

We highlight five key improvements we’ve made this year to ensure alliance managers can spend more time with their internal stakeholders and partner peers while spending less time on administrative tasks.

1. Customizable risk categories for even better forward-looking alliance risk management

You can now categorize all the risks that you manage in your risk register. This allows you to focus your attention on the risks that matter in the short term and identify any significant risk trends across your portfolio to reduce risk (and related cost) in the medium- to long-term. See here for a detailed article on alliance risk management best practices with allianceboard.

2. Flexible timeline of any alliance’s entire operational plan

One of allianceboard’s greatest features is a timeline displaying the entire operational plan for any alliance – and it populates automatically. Beyond displaying all goals/milestones, deliverables/obligations, risks, decisions, payments, and events related to an alliance, you can now choose which aspects you would like to display and view all activity either as a calendar or as a timeline. This allows you to display exactly what you need for even more engaging discussions with your internal stakeholders and your counterparts within your partners.

3. New charts for projects pipeline and governance committees for complex alliances

We constantly improve our analytics and add new charts to allianceboard. Here we highlight two charts that are particularly useful for complex alliances, where there are many joint initiatives with a partner or group of partners.

First, you now have a pipeline view of all projects / initiatives that are associated with an alliance. This allows for even simpler reporting and drilling down.

Second, you now have a chart that very quickly shows all governance committees for a partner. Especially for complex alliances with multiple and nested governance committees, this chart helps cut through the thicket to ensure that all committees receive just the right amount of information – this in turn accelerates decision-making (time being money in most alliances).

4. Business Function tags in Key Updates

allianceboard is fully configurable to your organization’s unique structure – and different parts of your organization require different information. allianceboard now allows you to tag specific business functions in any key update. This allows you and your stakeholders to quickly identify, and address partner and alliance needs on any aspect of the alliance’s operational plan.

5. Report-level access control and user groups

You always have been able to provide different access rights for different users, teams and alliances. Beyond customizable user groups, you can now control who can view and edit specific reports. This provides an additional level of transparency – or allows you to lock down particularly sensitive information.

We are always keen to hear from our users about what additional functionality would make their alliance management better. Get in touch today or speak with your account manager.

Much more is in store for 2023 – stay tuned.

allianceboard 2022 functionality review
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