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ASAP BioPharma 2023: The Next Generation of Alliance Excellence

The 2023 ASAP BioPharma Conference took place in November, in Boston, USA, and successfully brought together a fantastic mix of alliance management professionals for thought-provoking discussions, educational presentations, and the welcome opportunity to network with like-minded acquaintances.


This year’s conference theme examined ‘Approaches to a Platform-Focused, Multi-Partner World’.  We heard from industry leaders discussing insights, pioneering strategies, successful collaborations, and the evolving environment in which we practice alliance management – to name but a few topic areas.


As always, the ASAP content creators have made the review of this content easy and available in their Content Hub.


As gold sponsors of the event, allianceboard was pleased to participate and contribute to the success of this industry-favorite event and presented the need for investment in the alliance management function.


The presentation was a discussion that evolved from the new whitepaper produced in partnership with The Rhythm of Business titled “The Value of Investing in Alliance Management” where we examine in detail:

  • Building an Organizational Capability for Managing Alliances

  • How Alliance Management Preserves and Enhances Value

  • Powering Effective Alliance Management

  • Investing in Alliance Management Capability:

  • Making the Pitch


The free whitepaper is available in both PDF and audio formats and can be accessed here.


In addition to the insights presented in the whitepaper, allianceboard CEO, Louis Rinfret, combined the results from the most recent data collected in the allianceboard Digital Maturity Index to highlight areas that could benefit from investment across the entire industry.

Some key take aways from the allianceboard presentation:


1.     Alliance Management can and should play a leading role in developing and supporting the organization’s strategic partnering objectives.

2.     To do this, organizations must invest in developing their Alliance Management Capability.

3.     This can be supported by incremental investments in three areas: Toolset, Mindset, and Skillset.


To learn more, you can view the full presentation here.


ASAP BioPharma 2023 Review
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