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allianceboard supports automated partner enablement

allianceboard's Founder and CEO, Louis Rinfret, is featured in an article in ASAP Strategic Quarterly (August 2021) by Jon Lavietes detailing how prescribed partner enablement paths are helping allies drive better outcomes.

The key takeaways are:

  • Self-guided journeys get partners up to speed more quickly, boost results more dramatically, and require less time and resources of partner managers.

  • Journeys can be as high or low-touch, as needed.

  • Partners are not going to adjust themselves and change the way they do business just to fit your model.

  • Highly standardized journeys are arguably best for low- touch, high-volume programs.

  • allianceboard helps organisations automate partner enablement.

In summary, Lavietes says while there are many benefits to automating partner enablement, it's not for everyone.


Download a full copy of the ASAP Strategic Alliance Monthly article.


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