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Digitizing Alliance Management for Agility and Efficiency

This is the second article in the series with the Rhythm of Business about why you should digitize your alliance management practice. It is republished (in part and with permission) here with thanks to our partners at the Rhythm of Business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Work smarter, not harder. Working harder with current systems and processes is not sustainable in most situations.  Leaders must then think strategically and envision how they will structure their alliance management function for sustainable, agile, and efficient growth while responding to current demands in the short term.

  2. Reduce time spent on admin. An alliance management platform can free-up alliance management time by automating routine administrative tasks, which means faster actions, decisions and greater agility. The time saved can be re-invested in higher-impact activities such as managing risks, developing opportunities, building relationships, negotiations, governance leadership, ecosystem strategy and engagement and ensuring alliances are achieving their strategic intents.

  3. Implement efficient reports & dashboards. The lack of readily available dashboards and reporting tools results in poor transparency and visibility, low alignment, slower decisions and actions and often more limited engagement of key stakeholders – slowing down your organization and robbing it from its agility. 

To learn more, read the full article on the Rhythm of Business website. Or talk to us about how allianceboard can help you work smarter, not harder by digitizing your alliance management.

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