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Digitizing Your Alliance Organization

5 Key Take Aways from Sarepta Therapeutics Journey to Digital Alliance Management

Our CEO & Founder, Louis Renfret, and Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Roch, were delighted to present this case study (video, 1 hr) with Samuel Gosselin, Director of Alliance Management for Sarepta Pharmaceuticals as part of the ASAP Netcast Webinar Series.

In summary, Sarepta Therapeutics shares these 5 key take aways with ASAP members:

Why Sarepta Adopted a Digital Platform

  • Drive transparency, efficiency and scalability in alliance management

  • Strengthen engagement, alignment and visibility internally and externally

  • Free up time for high value activities

How Sarepta moved to a digital platform without a hitch

  • A lightweight but structured transition involving stakeholders yet leading the way

  • Continuously engage with the alliance team and collaborate with allianceboard as a partner

Enjoy this informative webinar. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how to digitize your alliance management.


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