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Driving better business decisions through strategic alliance management intelligence

At ASAP BioPharma 2022, Louis Rinfret, allianceboard Founder and CEO, Katherine Kendrick, Head of Alliance Management at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Michael Roch, allianceboard Chief Commercial Officer, presented a session on how digitization impacts the way in which alliance managers can help stakeholders and executives make good decisions in relation to alliances.

Our session concentrated on three areas:

  1. Why alliance management must have a voice in strategic decision-making in your organization

  2. The four aspects of strategic decision-making

  3. How decisions made by four main audience types impact their information needs

We provided a simple framework for how alliance managers can improve strategic decision making in their organization.

We are very grateful to Katherine Kendrick who brought invaluable practical insights into our discussion.

Look out for a more detailed write-up in a later post. In the meanwhile, please contact us here or get in touch with your account manager to receive a copy of our presentation.

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Session summary - driving better business decisions 221007
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