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Forrester names allianceboard emerging leader in digital ecosystem management

allianceboard is delighted to be profiled as an emerging leader in digital ecosystem management by Forrester.

The Forrester report examines 34 ecosystem management providers across the North America, Europe, UK, Asia & the Middle East.

Jay McBain, the report's author, says effective digital ecosystem management helps organizations accelerate growth and innovation.

"Seventy-six percent of business leaders believe that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next few years, with ecosystems as the main change agent”

According to the Forrester report, ecosystem management software allows organizations to:

  • Leverage network effects – digital ecosystem management allows organizations to partner with participants “outside traditional industry, buyer, geography, segment or product boundaries” which can “unleash value beyond what could be accomplished with internal resources”.

  • Enable value creation – the software brings together products and services from a range of organizations, creating a more diverse offer for customers.

  • Co-innovate at scale – having created something new for customers, partners can then scale up, inventing new ways to help customers solve problems. “The combination of different skills, cultures, mountains of data, and emerging technologies (e.g., internet of things, AI, automation, and blockchain) with advanced collaboration can incubate next-generation innovation and invention,” says Forrester.

Forrester's report: New Tech: Ecosystem Management, Q3 2021

A full copy of this report can be purchased on Forrester.

Download our solution overview to discover how allianceboard helps you accelerate growth and innovation.


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