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Engaging your stakeholders using allianceboard filters and scheduled reports

Alliance managers often have encyclopaedic knowledge about the partners they look after. How is this knowledge best accessed? This article shows two simple ways in which allianceboard allows for this great knowledge to be accessed – by the alliance team or any stakeholder.

allianceboard filters

allianceboard offers many alternatives for having engaging conversations with stakeholders. For example, when you get pulled into a meeting to provide a quick update on a partnership or on all active alliances within a business area, allianceboard filters are a great way to quickly get to the information you need.

Filters allow you to drill down the data to represent exactly what you are looking to show. For example, when asked to give an update on the three most important initiatives of one partner, you could simply filter for these.

Or, if you’re looking to understand if enough new partnerships are on the horizon, you simply filter across the entire ecosystem by whatever stage in the life-cycle you’re interested in.

Scheduled reporting

Once you have created a report with the exact fields and filters required, you can schedule that report to be sent at regular intervals. The data in this report is always real-time, meaning that if you opened the report in between two scheduled run dates, the data would represent the present, real-time numbers.

You can specify the frequency of the report, the format that the report is delivered in, who should receive a copy and even write a message to the report recipient(s).

allianceboard was designed to make your alliance management better.

If you would like any additional information about using filters or scheduling reports to engage your stakeholders using allianceboard, please get in contact with the team.

Engaging your stakeholders using allianceboard filters and scheduled reports
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