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Forrester recognises allianceboard for second year running

allianceboard is delighted to be listed in Forrester's 2021 Channel Ecosystem Management tech stack. This is the second year running allianceboard has made the list of technologies designed to accelerate performance of partnerships, alliances, and channel ecosystems.

Source: Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2021

Forrester's Principal Analyst, Jay McBain, says with complexity of relationships, data and concurrent activities, it's virtually impossible to manage alliances without automation.

"With the rapidly shifting partner landscape, channel leaders...can no longer succeed with manual, human-centric processes or rely on spreadsheets to manage their partner programs. With the trifurcation of partners into influencer, transactional, and retention categories, managing a plethora of concurrent activities without sufficient automation is no longer possible," says McBain.

Research by Accenture says every industry is susceptible to disruption by ecosystem plays. Those who aren’t ready are at risk of value degradation. More than 40 percent of companies across 20 industries—accounting for a combined enterprise value of $26 trillion—are highly susceptible to future disruption.

Ecosystem software, such as allianceboard, gives companies a clear and concise picture across the complexity of all their alliances, providing critical information to support insightful decisions that deliver strong commercial outcomes.

Ready to take the next step in automating your alliances? Book a demo and learn how allianceboard gives you all the information you need to manage your alliances confidently and successfully at the click of a button.


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