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Look for us at the 2020 ASAP BioPharma Conference

Designing your digital alliance management dashboard

allianceboard is delighted to co-present with the Rhythm of Business at the 2020 ASAP BioPharma Conference, 14-16 September 2020.


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing BioPharma companies to rethink how work is done. This provides an opportunity for alliance managers to finally evolve from the status quo: out-of-date manual reports instead of live dashboards, inability to see the interrelation of risks and opportunities within the alliance portfolio, many versions of the truth due to a lack of integration with other enterprise tools, just to name a few. New cloud-based software makes it possible.

Having the ability for stakeholders and partners to self-serve up-to-date information based on a single version of the truth and provide relevant views of all alliance activities and outcomes is essential to keep teams aligned and focused on the work that matters most, enable swift decision making, manage risks and deliver the intended value of strategic alliances.

Alliance management functions have long needed a system of record to support these objectives yet have been relying on manual approaches to reporting and analytics. Digitizing alliance management workflows and reporting are now mission critical.

In this session, we:

  • Highlight the limitations of current approaches to dashboards, analytics, and reporting

  • Explore the different dimensions and levels of analysis an alliance management dashboard should show to satisfy the many stakeholder groups an alliance management function is serving

  • Using a live demonstration, explain what a state-of-the-art digital alliance management dashboard looks like

  • Take you through the main steps of creating a digital dashboard that provides the visibility and transparency into biopharma alliances that is required to generate alignment and support from stakeholders

  • Share with you some simple tips to get started building your digital dashboard.

Look out for us at the 2020 ASAP BioPharma conference!


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