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Ten ways to raise your alliance management game

How could your alliance function create more impact?

Having worked with alliance managers all over the world, we know what you need to get right to create the impact with your stakeholders that you want.

Our one-page guide “10 Ways to Raise Your Alliance Management Game” shows you how.

In short, it’s about:

  • Strategy and influence. Turn your alliance function into your c-suite’s secret weapon.

  • Results and impact. Influence comes from the impact your alliance function creates on bottom-line outcomes.

  • Prioritizing activities. This means minimizing administration to create time for that what is important.

  • Infrastructure as enabler. The right workflows, supported by great alliance technology, are the foundation for creating impact.

This graphic shows what we mean:

Creating Impact: 10 Drivers of Alliance Management Success

We know that different organizations expect different things from their alliance management functions. Answer the questions in our one page guide – to shape the 10 ways of how you will Raise Your Alliance Management Game.

Contact us at to get your free one-page guide “10 Ways to Raise Your Alliance Management Game”.


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