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The power of alliance technology - Our insights from the ASAP Biopharma Conference in Boston

In September we spent two days in Boston with incredibly passionate biopharma alliance managers and thought leaders sharing experiences and discussing how quickly alliance management practices are evolving. In this post, read about:

  1. Our case study presentation together with Sarepta Healthcare on applying alliance management technology

  2. How alliance managers’ perception of alliance technology is rapidly changing

  3. Why it’s so important to bring alliance management together on one platform

1. Alliance management technology case study with Sarepta

During a joint presentation with Sarepta Therapeutics, we shared experiences about the important role technology plays in alliance management. Our highly interactive discussion highlighted some of the key features alliance professionals are looking for in an alliance management platform:

  • Centralizing all alliance information in one place (more on this below)

  • Tracking multiple projects, partners, milestones in an easy and scalable way

  • Easily producing custom reports and visualizing data through dashboards

  • Hosting sensitive alliance data on a robust platform to ensure information security

  • Securely sharing select information with partners and jointly tracking how the alliance is progressing

Session participants heard how Sarepta benefits from these powerful allianceboard features in a way that removes friction, boosts efficiency and drives the success of each alliance and the alliance function overall. In the end, it’s all about optimizing, automating and scaling an alliance management function to maximize its impact and visibility.

Please contact us to receive a copy of our presentation.

2. The rapid change in how alliance managers perceive alliance technology

The large number of alliance managers showing a keen interest in understanding how alliance technology can help them build better relationships was impressive.

Five years ago, awareness of alliance management technology solutions was minimal.

Today, more and more alliance professionals want to understand how they can best leverage technology that is built to serve their needs, objectives and collaborative business models.

3. Evolving alliance program maturity – bringing alliance management onto one platform

Last, we heard first hand from other biopharma alliance directors about their challenges in managing complex collaborations.

We were struck by the widely ranging maturity levels of alliance management functions among the organizations attending the conference. Some have developed sophisticated workflows, practices and processes and are clearly starting to make a significant C-suite impact. Others are just getting started in establishing alliance management in their organizations.

It became quickly apparent that an alliance management platform can provide important benefits at any stage of development:

  • In the early stages, it helps to create the required structure and workflows to enable rapid scaling of the alliance portfolio

  • In more mature organizations, it helps consolidate and de-risk alliance workflows to ensure the organization is making the most out of its existing investments in the partner portfolio while ensuring optimal growth

What is next for you?

Thank you very much for attending and for the alliance knowledge you have brought to the conference. Thank you also for listening to the allianceboard story and helping us understand your challenges even better.

If you haven’t seen a demo of allianceboard since the summer, sign up here to get a fresh look.

See you in Amsterdam!

Keep an eye out for us at the ASAP European Alliance Summit in Amsterdam on 14-15 November 2019 and let us know if you will be there – we would love to connect!


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