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Three alliance management insights from the ASAP Europe Summit, Amsterdam, 14-15 November 2019

Congratulations to the Association of Strategic Alliance and Thought Leader Global on a great conference!

We really appreciated the opportunity to discuss current developments in alliance management with so many alliance leaders and thought leaders represented across pharma, technology, banking, research and manufacturing.

In this post, we share three key insights:

  • Biopharma and technology alliance managers are working hard to overcome their “language barrier”

  • KPIs on how well an alliance is managed are gaining importance

  • Ecosystems in Industry 4.0 are evolving rapidly

Overcoming the alliance management “language barrier” between biopharma and technology

Many presentations (e.g. by Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Merck, HP Enterprise, Dassault Systemes) proved that “alliance” and “alliance management” means something quite different for biopharma and technology firms.

Much of this has to do with underlying purpose: for technology, most alliances are all about co-selling, while most biopharma alliances are about co-creation.

It’s really important that both sectors begin to bridge this gap, especially because biopharma and technology firms enter into more and more data sharing partnerships.

allianceboard is an enabler here. Our single, sector-neutral platform allows companies from any sector to create a common language. It does that by allowing partners to define and share workflows that make sense for the specific objectives of each partnership.

This helps get to critical decisions faster. And, allianceboard’s ability to selectively share individual pieces of information with your partners de-risks alliances and reduces time spent on alliance operations.

The importance of alliance management KPIs

Creating outcomes-related KPIs for an alliance is common. Relatively new are KPIs that measure how well an alliance is managed. Bayer’s insightful presentation explained how the pharma giant looks at alliance management KPIs.

Yet even once established, maintaining the data required to track and manage these KPIs in a meaningful way is nigh impossible using Excel or PowerPoint. allianceboard is able to report on alliance health and alliance portfolio metrics right out of the box.

Together with our customers, we are constantly evolving allianceboard’s KPI and reporting functionality. If you would like to learn more about how we do that for your alliances, please get in touch with us.

Evolving ecosystems in Industry 4.0

We learned from global payment providers, manufacturers and software houses (e.g. Worldline, DNZ Bank, Signify, SAP) about how they have disrupted their own enterprise to remain relevant.

In particular SAP’s Open Industry 4.0 Alliance was an insightful example about how the fourth industrial revolution is taking shape. SAP’s Alliance does that by creating the same interoperability among large-scale manufacturing robots that we have come to expect from, for example, mouse and monitor in the office via the USB and HDMI interface.

Sounds simple, yet this is a complex effort requiring an ecosystem of partners and sound ecosystem management practices and systems.

Contact us to explore how allianceboard could help manage your complex partner ecosystem.

About allianceboard

Click below to find out more about allianceboard, the intuitive alliance management platform. Stop working with homegrown tools and excel spreadsheets. Manage your your portfolio of alliances and ecosystem of partners in a better way.

See you in Tampa!

Keep an eye out for us at the ASAP Global Alliance Summit in Tampa on 16-18 March 2020 and let us know if you will be there – we would love to connect!


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