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What’s on the horizon for allianceboard

A new year with a new horizon for allianceboard, with lots of exciting developments. Here are the highlights.

Our technology

Look out for these important developments in 2023:

Information security has always been a top priority at allianceboard. In spring 2023, allianceboard will obtain its ISO27001 certification – a global gold standard for IT security management.

Our API will be ready for release in 2023. Initially this enables clients to build connections between allianceboard and their other applications and data sources.

Also look out for a new way to manage alliance contracts. You can already manage your alliance-related obligations easily within allianceboard. In the future, your contractual obligations will be even more accessible and deadlines more visible even for complex, multi-partner, and multi-asset alliances.

2023 will see additional minor updates, upgrades and opportunities to get together to strive towards achieving our goal of supporting better alliance management for more successful alliances, delivering on their intended outcomes.

ASAP partnership

We’re really proud of our longstanding partnership with ASAP, The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. We have just renewed this partnership with even more benefits to come for ASAP members and our clients alike.

Many of ASAP’s guiding principles of alliance management are woven into allianceboard best practice. Did you know that allianceboard’s automated alliance health checks can use ASAP templates out of the box?

Let’s get together in 2023

We will be speaking once again at the ASAP Global Alliance Summit, April 3-5, 2023, Tampa USA. If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here:

We’ll also be presenting at the ASAP BioPharma Conference, November 6-8 in Boston, USA.

Want to chat with us about any of these updates? Contact your account manager or email us here;

What’s on the horizon for allianceboard
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