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Special Terms and Conditions:

Partnership benefits for ASAP members and allianceboard clients

1. For new allianceboard clients: free one year ASAP membership benefits 

This offer is open to any organization signing a new allianceboard subscription at standard pricing.  This offer is not open to existing existing ASAP members or existing allianceboard clients.  

2. Depending on subscription level, allianceboard clients will be offered a free ASAP membership for one year:  

  • SaaS subscription revenue is equal to or more than USD 40,000: ASAP corporate membership

  • SaaS subscription revenue is less than USD 40,000: up to 5 ASAP individual memberships, linked to subscription level

Clients wishing to renew their ASAP subscription after the one-year period will be able to do so at ASAP's then prevailing rates.  

Go to or contact Lori Gold at or + 1 781 562 1630 x203 to learn more about the great benefits of ASAP membership.  

3. Other terms 

Any ASAP membership acquired through this special offer assumes the Association of Strategic Alliance's standard membership agreement, terms and conditions.  

In addition allianceboard's standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply.  


Please get in touch using the contact details above.  

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