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allianceboard featured in Strategic Alliance Quarterly

We're delighted to have been featured on the cover of the Q2 edition of the Association of Strategic Alliance Practitioners, a global association of and for strategic alliance managers.

The article provides four case studies showing lessons learned as organizations adopt - or build - alliance technology platforms. At allianceboard, we're delighted and privileged to be named as one of these platforms.

Sarepta Therapeutics, one of our clients, explained how they use allianceboard. Each function at Sarepta requires different information - allianceboard is helping him "create not 10 reports and drive yourself crazy, but one report that serves 10 different audiences." He added, "[We] save time by rapidly uploading our meeting minutes, highlighting what's important, next steps, centralize this information in [allianceboard] that can automatically create reports ... for leadership and guide them through the decision-process. It's a tremendous support."

"It's a tremendous support."

Michael Roch, allianceboard's Managing Director, added: "Digitizing alliance management promises an end to the heavy lifting."

"Despite carrying a significant strategic burden to deliver innovation, growth or other objectives that make a partnership-based business model happen, most alliance functions are quite small compared to other functions."

Yet "alliance managers mostly work with a combination of [Microsoft] SharePoint, Excel and PowerPoint for the day-to-day. ... One goal is to take away that day-to-day pain. That's one big place where technology can empower and enable an alliance function."

Contact us at for a full copy or or go directly to the Association of Strategic Alliance Practitioners website.


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