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Why get a head start on 2021?

Because as we stare down Q4 of this extraordinary year, there is only one relevant question global alliance leaders should ask:

"How do we best leverage and scale our alliance management team to create and capture value?"

2020 has eradicated any doubt that partnership-based business models are here to stay. This has meant more conversations with potential partners. More new partnerships to manage. Heightened stakeholder demand of real-time visibility into alliances. Deeper understanding of value drivers. Better conversations with partners.

These trends will continue to accelerate in 2021, requiring ever bigger alliance management teams with an infrastructure to ensure they can best serve their internal and external stakeholders.

So, how do you plan to leverage and scale your alliance management team?

At the ASAP BioPharma virtual conference in September 2020, we continue our conversation with global alliance leads all over the world about how to best leverage and scale any alliance management team through technology and related operating model changes. Look out for our on-demand session (No. 301 on the program) with The Rhythm of Business. Or contact us to join us for our post-conference roundtable on 23 September at 11a Eastern.

As part of our partnership with the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, we also offer to extend our 2020 support to our global alliance management community for one final time:

Sign up to our software by 30 September 2020. Use it for free until 31 December 2020. Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information, watch the video below or visit


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