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Three early findings from the allianceboard Alliance Management Digital Maturity Index™

In the summer of 2021, we created an index to analyze how partnering capacity and digital alliance management infrastructure affect four key alliance management outcomes:

  • Alliance value realization

  • Strategic agility

  • Operational efficiency, and

  • Risk management

We presented the initial results of the Index at the 2021 Biopharma Conference by our knowledge partner, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), on 27-28 September 2021.

Initial finding No. 1: life science organizations score higher on digital maturity

Based on the just under 50 companies that have completed the Index, nearly half were life science companies, followed by IT and services companies.

Life science organizations scored slightly better than the rest of the Index (2.9 v 3.2 of a possible 5.0). This makes sense and isn’t surprising: both large pharma companies and emerging biotechs rely heavily on alliances to deliver on their strategic business model.

Initial finding No. 2: digital alliance management infrastructure matters for great alliance outcomes

Our Index also shows that those organizations that invest in digital alliance management technology achieve better alliance outcomes, measured in terms of alliance value realization, strategic agility, operational efficiency and risk management.

Figure 1: Alliance Digital Maturity – leaders & laggards

Source: allianceboard Alliance Management Digital Maturity Index (15 Sep 2021)

Initial finding No. 3: Better alliance outcomes by 47%

Even more interesting: those firms that invest more in both partnering capacity and digital alliance management achieve an Index score that is 47% better than their frugal peers.


The Index is perpetual and updates based on new responses. So, how does your organization measure up?

Participate now to receive a free, tailor-made report benchmarking your organization against the results provided by the other participants who have completed the allianceboard Digital Alliance Management Maturity Index™. Start by clicking the button below.

Want to learn more?

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