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allianceboard maximizes the impact of alliances and ecosystems in businesses of all sizes and industries. 


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Use allianceboard to manage an unlimited number of partnerships in one place.

Single- and multi-partner collaborations 

Automated plan items and collaboration workflows 

Governance committee management

Risk analysis

KPIs and reporting

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Created for you and your stakeholders

Alliance Dashboard
Day-to-Day Automation
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Drive your partnering success with our state-of-the-art software

Create an alliance function infrastructure that is robust and sustainable.


Reduce decision-time by managing all collaborations and opportunities across teams and in one place. 


Prove your impact by maintaining detailed alliance KPIs, analytics and reports for all your different stakeholders.


Save time by embedding pre-defined workflows and consistently tracking all relevant alliance data. 


Instantly create and maintain partner evaluations and health checks.


Create reports and dashboards at the click of a button.

Reinvest time saved into high-impact work. 

Deliver on your partnering business model - for innovation, growth and other strategic goals. 


Jointly manage your alliances with your most important partners though a secure platform with granular sharing options.



See how allianceboard empowers efficient strategic alliance management

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 allianceboard is enterprise ready


Alliances and ecosystems make a highly strategic contribution to an organization, often representing the bulk of innovation and revenue.  


We built allianceboard to give alliance managers a ground-breaking tool that’s simple, fit for purpose and scalable - to stay on top of it all, show organizational impact and collaborate with partners for innovation and growth. 

Your onboarding

Our intuitive platform gets you started within hours, not weeks or months. 


Most clients are fully operational after 2-3 onboarding workshops with one of our senior team members. 


If needed, we pair you with one of our alliance management experts to help evolve your workflows, too. 

Our Technology

allianceboard is a purpose-built, easy-to-use alliance management platform for alliance professionals.


Our cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) is hosted on highly secure, best-in-class servers and is fully GDPR compliant.


Ex-Global Alliance Director, Mobile Communications Provider

"I wish we had allianceboard when we started our alliance program."

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